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Well Done Bunadoon !!!! I've just read about your wonderful

decision on the BBC website. You are leading the world -

let's hope other's follow your lead. I think what you are

doing is GREAT! I hope you inspire more towns around the

world with this campaign. I've long been a proponent of

banning bottled water in developed countries, and

especially in places with perfectly good tap water.

Congratulations on being the first!

Mike (Kyoto, Japan)

Nice one folks! just read your story on the BBC website.

Good luck with the plan to stop selling bottled water, pure

madness that is. [...] Good on your little town!

Mark (Milton Keynes, UK)

Bundanoon - A Town Taking Action and Leading by

Example! Well done to you all. I can only hope and pray that

other town's follow your lead. What an inspirational


Kym (Adelaide, South Australia)

Great idea. Lets hope this is the start of worldwide ban on

bottled water. It has certainly put Bundanoon on the map as

everyone is talking about your ban on bottled water and

what a good idea it is. You should sell the reusable bottles on

line, perhaps it will start a tend.

Nat (Woking, England)

Congratulations! I am writing from Austria/EU and we

definitively have plenty of first class water at a good price

from the tap. But even here people are manipulated into

buying bottled water for invented reasons at immense costs,

trucked around for hundreds of kilometers and filled in

plastic bottles. Someone had to start countering this - I

would almost call it "scam" - and obviously you did it. I toast

you with a glass of local water

Gunther (Austria, Europe)

Congratulations for this initiative. I'm from Venezeula and I

think this is a big example for the world. Thanks.

Carolina (Venezuela, South America)

Hello, I would like to send three hearty cheers to Bundanoon

for showing true Aussie fighting spirit in saying no to

bottled water... about bloody time too. I hope your

inspiration travels across Australia. [...] On top of rubbish

from discarded bottles, this industry robs us of our ground

water (it's practically given away); the bottles are made of

petroleum and thus create CO2 for global warming; and

furthermore this industry has caused the supply of

public water fountains to stop, [...] When will the rest of

Australia wake up??  How foolish are we, like fish on

pollutive industry's lines. Thankyou and YAY!!!!

Linda (Victoria)

Bottled water free - well done!  All the best for the meeting

tonight to approve this. I wish our community was

interested in such initiatives.  We have an appalling

collection of single use containers to dispose of every day.

Jim (Katherine, Northern Territory)

Congratulations  Bundanoon on banning plastic water

bottles, I applaud you all on a brilliant, fantastic,

wonderfully educated decision, I hope this will "snowball"

throughout Australia. What a great town you must have, I

suspect because of your decision tourism may well increase

if only to check out "this town that banned water bottles", I

for one will  be one of them. Again well done!!! 

Lindy and Darrell (Gold Coast, Queensland)

Just read about your ban on bottled water in Bundanoon on

BBC's site. Congratulations for showiung the world the way

to go. You're absolutely right, and I hope the ban sticks and

spreads throughout the state, nation and world, and

particularly to here in Japan where I live.

Jeremy (Japan)

Congratulations Bundanoon. You’re to be congratulated by

all thinking people for your amazing efforts to cease the sale

of bottled water in your town. I only hope that other towns

and communities across Australia follow suit and that you

are the start of a world wide movement against this

shocking waste of resources. [...] All the very best to each

and every one of you. When we’re next back in Australia

we’ll make an effort to come visit your beautiful locality. In

the meantime, well done.

Kim (Doha, Qatar)

Hello, I do read now in Czech republic that you have agred

to stop selling wate rin plast in shops in your small city, I

would like to thank you for this decision because You are

right!!! Waste of oil, plast etc on this new fashion when

people are buying water in bottle is huge. People buy just

same water as they do drink at home in kitchen, the

companies just add to it a bit more chemicals and make a lot

of polution because of transport. [...] I hope that many of

other places will follow your hero step and will start fighting

against this kind of bussines. There is no point to talk about

fight against global warming till it isok to transport water

from one place to another and then back to the first place.

Lukas (Czech Republic)


What's so remarkable about the wonderfully positive

feedback this community initiative has garnered, is that

there was no Bundy On Tap website at the time these

people wrote. They had to make the effort of Googling

'Bundanoon' to track down our main community website,

before leaving a comment. They went out of their way to

show support for Bundanoon. Thank you.


I read your story on the BBC and was inspired by the collective

consciousness of your community. You'll have definitely put

Bundanoon on the map by encouraging individuals and

communities around the world. You have proved we can have

successful business models and still be environmentally

responsible. You have made environmentally-responsible

citizens of the world proud.

Max (BBC reader)

Congratulations! Just this morning my wife and I, residents of

Los Angeles, were talking about how we wished there was some

way to put an end to the insanity of polluting the earth with

millions upon millions of non-biodegradable plastic bottles --

which in addition to taking up space in landfills also leach toxic

chemicals -- all so people can have a drink of something that's

available for free from any nearby tap. We bemoaned the fact

that no city or country had provided a model for how it might

be done. Moments ago I learned that you're trying to do just

that. Thanks. I hope you succeed, and I hope the world pays


Jeff (Los Angeles, USA)

Bravo! The action taken by your community is truly inspiring.

Yes, there is a lot of controversy about the use of ALL beverages

sold in plastic bottles -- but this truly is a beginning. And bottled

water is not a product that is not available in other forms,

unlike soft drinks. I wish my own community would wake up to

the environmental impact of plastic bottles -- even their


David (Indiana, USA)

Greetings from Ireland. Congratulation to this great initiative,

I sincerely hope it will be implemented. Unfortunately we still

think we cannot survive without bottled water. One question to

all the opponents: how did people survive before plastic bottles

were invented??? It's not that long ago, surely someone will

remember. And, don't forget, if we continue to put personal

gain before the collective good we're on a sure way destroying

the globe for all of us!

Richard (Ireland)

Hello from Melbourne! I just read an article on the proposal to

ban bottled water in the town and I'd like to extend my

congratulations and show my support! As a ban on bottled

water doesn't preclude alternative, more sustainable types of

packaging, I am encouraged by the debate that your town is

currently holding. What a fantastic opportunity to be active in

such a debate! [...] Way to set an example (even if it is still a

debate) for the rest of world!

Kassandra, (Melbourne, Victoria)

Go Bundanoon! I'm glad to see a town seeing the bottled water

industry for what it is. Well done for wanting to stop these

companies telling us what we want for their benefit. I hope

you're successful in your bid.

Sean (Launceston, Tasmania)

Congratulations on your recent decision to ban bottled water in

your community. You have set the stage for the rest of the world

to follow.

Dave (Vancouver, Canada)

Hi, I read about your initiative against bottled water. Just

want to say Thank You.

Francesco (Italy)

Hej fra copenhagen! well done! here's hoping you guys are the

beginning of a tidal wave of opinion everywhere to do away

with such a nonsense waste-of-time and expensive activity.

Here in europe, bottled water often costs more than oil! - i

speak of economics though goodness knows what the carbon

footprint costs are. Still on econ - a HUGE pat on the back to

your selfless retailers. [...] Your story and sensible (logical!)

actions are an inspiration.  I have mailed on the story

exhorting all to pass it through their contact systems etc.. Again,

well done .... and thank you all :-)

Jonathon (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Hello Bundanoon! It was great to hearing about your unique

decision to make your town free from bottled water! It's woken

up many peoples that extra costs doesn't brings extra social

advantages and benefits. I'm from Siberia and just yesterday

even I didn't knew that somewhere there's such as nice Town

Bundanoon. But today many nations and peoples heard about

you and your brave decision.

Igor (Siberia, Russia)

Hurray Bundanoon! We love you! Good for you for your

decision to ban bottled water. Maybe your step will encourage

many more communities to do the same thing. Whats it like to

be world leaders??

Sara (Northern Ireland)

We were just listening to CBC (Canada's national broadcaster)

and heard  a story about your town banning bottled water. We

just wanted to send  a congratulatory email. Thank you for

being leaders in a world where  people need to think carefully

about the waste created by bottled  water as well as the danger

in charging large amounts of money for a  daily necessity.

Aleida, Colleen and John (Calgary, Canada)

Three cheers for the first town to ban bottled water.  I hope that

you will be proven to have started what will become a global

movement.  Good job and thank you.

Don (Denver, Colorado USA)

Dear People of Bundanoon, I would like to compliment all of the

city of Bundanoon for the initiative to eliminate the use of

plastic bottles. An example for the world! Congratulations

Arthur (Brasil)